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TazWorks Partners with BirdDog to Streamline the Recruiting Process

SALT LAKE CITY —November 19, 2014—TazWorks, LLC, the front runner in background screening software, has partnered with BirdDog, a leader in recruiting and applicant tracking solutions (ATS) to bring a comprehensive, streamlined hiring solution to construction, engineering, skilled trades, manufacturing, and federal contractors in a number of industries.

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SJV & TazWorks Expand XML Interface to Support More Registry Searches

System-to-system integration now provides TazWorks users with direct access to suite of services from the only ISO Certified Research Provider in the background screening industry. Kennesaw, GA – 6/17/2014 – SJV & Associates, a leading provider of public records research to the Pre-Employment and Background Screening Industries, announced today that its system-to-system integration with TazWorks, the front-runner in background screening software, has been expanded to support Federal, Civil, and National Sex Offender Registry Searches.

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TazWorks and G.A. Public Record Services Unite For New Search Solution

SALT LAKE CITY — TazWorks LLC, a front-runner in online background check screening software, is collaborating with G.A. Public Record Services LLC Now Part of Thomson Reuters (GAPRS), a national public record research provider specializing in on-site county criminal and civil record searches and an approved TazWorks information provider, to offer a County Civil court record search solution to TazWorks background screening agencies.

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Credit Bureau Audits and Accreditation

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued their guidance on their audits of the credit bureaus earlier this spring. The credit bureaus, in turn, are auditing and requesting compliance information from their resellers-CRAs. (This documentation effluent seems to run downhill, doesn’t it?)

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