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TazCloud™ is a complete technology solution for the background screening industry with a suite of powerful screening applications, integrations with the industry’s top data and software providers, and advanced business intelligence tools to help background screening professionals better understand the industry, and their business. TazCloud is a scalable cloud-based platform that conforms to the highest industry and security standards.

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Power your Screening Services with TazCloud™

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CRA’s who are powered by TazCloud™ are using the most comprehensive, powerful, and secure background screening software and tools available.  If background screening provider is powered TazCloud, you know you are in good hands.

TazCloud services are accessible through an open API so that you can develop your own integrations, or take advantage of the many existing integrations with the top data sources, ATS/PMS systems, and drug screening providers. TazCloud’s services reside in a highly trusted cloud, with a secure network and data architecture that is in compliance with the industry’s top standards and certifications including SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, EI3PA, and more.

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