TazWorks Software™ includes

Powerful Screening tools

Designed to make your screening services more accurate, efficient, and profitable.

Clean, Simple Interface

TazWorks Software is built around a clean, simple interface that makes it easy to use and functional too.

Choose your data sources

TazWorks is integrated with the industry's top providers. Choose the data sources that work best for you.

Custom DATA filters

TazWorks Software allows you to customize your data filters to get higher quality, cost-effective search results.

Custom candidate apps

TazWorks Software allows you to customize candidate applications and disclosures to send via email or SMS.

integrated drug screening

TazWorks Software is integrated with top drug screening providers with robust scheduling and results options.

Workload Management

Auto-Assign searches, load balance workload and improve productivity with powerful workload management tools.

Electronic engagement

TazWorks Software embraces the age of digital documents with powerful end-to-end digital management & distribution.

Consumer disclosures

Customize consumer disclosure letters the way you want to remain compliant and to provide the best user experience.

Candidate Scoring tools

TazWorks Software gives CRAs scoring tools to make delivering quality reports to their clients easier and more trusted.

mobile-enabled APPS

Engage your candidates on their smart devices with electronic applications, disclosures and messaging.

Easy and fast onboarding

NEW: TazWorks now offers step-by-step walkthroughs and onboarding checklists to drastically reduce training costs.

Powerful reporting & BI

TazWorks Software has fully integrated business intelligence reporting to give you deeper insights into your business.

simple. powerful. Efficient

TazWorks Software is simple, powerful and efficient and runs on a robust, cloud-optimized network (TazCloud) that is instantly scalable to meet the needs of screening agencies any size.  

Security is Key

TazWorks is SOC 2 and PCI compliant/certified. In addition to these rigorous designations, we observe the highest security standards and every employee completes  FCRA Basic Certification. 

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TazWorks Software is both
Simple & Powerful

We’d love to schedule some time with you to show you just how easy TazWorks Software is to use.  With our NEW Software walkthroughs, training and onboarding is a snap.  Schedule a demo today.  

Simple Interface

Easy to use

Drive Productivity


Powerful BI

Gain Insights