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Insights is CRA Business Intelligence

Companies who leverage business intelligence tools are said to be 5x more agile and able to make critical business decisions. Tazworks Insights™ brings the power of Business Intelligence to CRAs and takes reporting to a new level.  Use Insights to quickly and visually create reports and apply filters on the fly to the things you care about, like processor productivity, how profitable your searches are, what your daily volume is, who your top and most profitable clients are, and more.

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Insights™ is powered by Numetric™

TazWorks Insights is powered by Numetric™,  a powerful embedded business intelligence engine. Insights™ takes the complexity out of business intelligence with preconfigured reports and dashboards that are designed specifically for CRAs. You can also buy an enterprise edition of Numetric, or another BI tool, to create your own reports, applications, and dashboards, using TazWorks Report Data Connect (RDC).

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TazData Connector (formerly RDC)

TazWorks Insights is built on TazData Connector (formerly RDC).  TazData Connector is the core technology that connects you to your TazWorks data.  Where Insights gives you pre-designed reports, TazData Connector allows you to build customized reports and applications using your own development resources.  TazData Connector is compatible with most business intelligence tools like Numetric, Tableau, Power BI, and others.

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Discover the power of CRA Business Intelligence

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