Workload Manager

A Productivity Tool for Background Screening Professionals using TazWorks Software

Boost Your Team's Productivity

TazWorkload Manager™ is a work management lifesaver that eliminates the task of having to manually assign work to your processors. TazWorkload Manager™ allows you to assign work to employees based on search type and jurisdiction. You can also setup Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each client or set a default value for your organization.

Manage & Load Balance Your Workloads

TazWorkload Manager™ allows managers to make assignments in round-robin style, grouped by assignments, by file number, by SLA settings, by report date (oldest to newest), or by users assigned to specific jurisdictions and search types. TazWorkload Manager™ makes managing your processor workload easy and efficient.

Leverage the Leaderboard

The heart of the tool is the Employee Leaderboard that serves as a work hub where processors can manage their work assignments and turnaround times, and they can see the number of searches completed that day or week, and what assignments are past due or need immediate attention.

Auto-Assign Searches

Distribute Workloads

Boost Productivity

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