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20 Years of Industry-Leading Background Screening Solutions

TazWorks™ by MeridianLink® is the leading provider of software, third-party integrations and intelligence tools for the background screening industry.  Our cloud-based approach to building a comprehensive screening platform is unique in the industry.   Reach out to us, and let’s talk about your business.  

The Story of TazWorks

TazWorks is the largest independent technology platform provider for Consumer Reporting Agencies. We were founded in 2002 by Barton Taylor and Scott Kimball with a vision to provide a robust independent platform for CRAs and background screening professionals to grow their business and automate the process of running background checks. 

TazWorks Software is a powerful suite of screening applications that run on TazCloud™, a state-of-the-art cloud-based technology infrastructure that is scalable, sure and efficient. TazWorks is an industry leader with the most innovative background screening solutions in the industry.

TazWorks Founded

TazWorks founded by Barton Taylor and Scott Kimball


Launched Instascreen 1.0

TazWorks launches the first version of Instascreen (now called TazWorks Software)


Founding Member of NAPBS (PBSA)

TazWorks becomes a founding member of the National Association of Professional Broadcasters (now known as Professional Background Screeners Association)

Visit PBSA2003

One Million Searches

TazWorks achieves 1 million searches through Instascreen.


Instascreen 2.0

TazWorks launches the second major release of its industry-leading background screening software.


Migration to the Cloud

TazWorks migrates its entire data center to a powerful and scalable cloud-based infrastructure.  

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TazCloud & Integrations

TazWorks renames its infrastructure of software, integrations and business intelligence tools to TazCloud

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TazWorks Acquired by MeridianLink

TazWorks acquired by MeridianLink — a platform company serving consumer reporting agencies and financial institutions. 

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