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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions of TazWorks.  Feel free to send in your own questions on our “contact us” page.

How can I learn more about the TazCloud platform and CRA network?2019-03-08T00:15:41-07:00

For product information, pricing and partnerships, contact us through our web form or call us at 801-572-7401 ext 303 or email For legal, compliance and disputes you can reach through email at If you are an existing CRA you go to to review a library of content about the TazCloud through our knowledge base. Our world-class support team can be contacted by phone at 801-572-7401 option 2 or email us at

Does TazWorks have resources to help me learn how to use the platform?2019-03-11T12:08:47-06:00

Yes, we have an extensive knowledge base available through our support system.

Our Support team offers the best customer service in the industry and is a valuable resource.  Our knowledge base library is available for you to search on virtually any TazCloud topic.  Visit our knowledge base on your instance of TazWorks also offers Webinars about upcoming products, releases and training. Yearly, we host our annual TazWorks User Group Conference in Salt Lake City and provide our clients with relevant industry content, guest speakers, training and entertainment.  It’s an excellent opportunity to do some networking, and to collaborate with vendors and peers.  It is also fun!  Visit the TUG website at

Visit your instance of TazCloud/Instascreen and search the knowledge base about virtually any topic.

Can the TazCloud platform keep up with the constantly changing industry?2019-03-11T12:10:32-06:00

TazCloud is built on the most robust and secure cloud-based network in the world.  TazCloud is a specialty cloud designed from the ground up to be agile so that it can be updated as frequently as needed.  It is also designed with security, scalability, and flexibility with a robust open API to facilitate external integrations and application development.

What is the best way to stay up to date on software releases and new features?2019-03-08T01:04:43-07:00

Because the TazWorks platform changes so often in response to a constantly evolving industry, it is important for our clients to stay up to date. TazWorks publishes Software News multiple times a week.  Software news contains information about updates and releases, as well as important announcements regarding scheduled maintenance.

Glass House is available to TazWorks clients and outlines a product roadmap, what’s being scoped and designed, what’s in development and in QA, as well as what is coming out on the next release. TazWorks also has a status page, which has all updates of the system operations, incidents and system metrics.

Does TazWorks do background checks?2019-03-11T10:29:05-06:00

TazWorks does not perform background screening (background checks).  Instead, TazWorks provides the technology platform and software that background screening companies (often referred to as Consumer Reporting Agencies or CRAs) use to process background screening requests for employers, property managers, and volunteer organizations.

What type of products does the TazWorks Platform offer to background screening professionals?2019-03-11T12:15:09-06:00

TazWorks offers a wide range of products for employment, tenant or other screening applications. There are features and tools such as:

QuickApp – a customizable electronic application for job applicants, potential tenants or volunteers

Scorecard Pro – a tool for scoring tenant applicants

Disclosures and Forms –  customizable letters to send to consumers

Insights – CRA business intelligence

QuickView – electronic disclosures that can be viewed anywhere, at any time

QuickVerify – a process made easy for verifiers completing verification searches

CIV – secure identity confirmation when ordering through the TazWorks QuickApp process

Researcher logon – allows vendors to log in and complete searches or requests assigned to them

Does TazWorks integrate with other software and data vendors?2019-03-07T23:52:11-07:00

Yes, TazWorks is integrated with myriad applicant tracking and property management systems as well as data providers and drug testing companies. Learn more about on our integrations page.

What type of background checks can the TazWorks platform handle?2019-03-08T00:09:56-07:00

The TazCloud platform is a “CRA Network” designed to handle all kinds of background screening including employment screening, tenant screening, volunteer screening, student screening, etc.