TazWorks is an open development platform.  Leverage the power of TazAPI to develop your own custom screening applications.

TazWorks enables you to develop custom apps through a powerful API

TazAPI™ allows you to develop your own custom applications and integrations leveraging the power of the TazCloud infrastructure and TazWorks Software.

TazAPI Advanced is a redesigned and reimagined version of TazAPI that allows you to code efficiently to the TazWorks platform.  TazAPI Advanced is a feature-rich, fully documented API with an easy-to-use development portal. With TazAPI Advanced, you can create your own custom front-end applications and back-end integrations to securely place background checks, perform verifications, and manage clients through TazWorks’ powerful background screening infrastructure.

TazAPI Basic gives you the ability to build a custom user experience with your front end using the power of TazWorks Software and TazCloud as a backend service. Our existing API is used by hundreds of CRA’s to connect to ATS and PMS systems and enable background screening through third-party software.

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