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About TazAPI Advanced™

TazAPI Advanced  is our next generation JSON-based API that gives you the ability to create custom applications that take advantage of the powerful TazCloud™ screening network and TazWorks™ Software. TazAPI Advanced™ is purpose-built to enable integrations for consumer reporting agencies with ATS and PMS systems.

Featuring a Development Portal

TazAPI Advanced features a fully documented development portal that makes building and managing your development projects easier and more efficiently

What's New?

  • API Features: applicant management, background check ordering, and client  management
  • Quicker to develop applications using REST endpoints with JSON format
  • New management console for self-managing API applications
  • New sandbox for development and testing
  • Complete API documentation
  • Application management for CRAs
    • CRA controls API access to client resources
    • Enables direct communication between CRA and ATS/PMS with reduced TazWorks Support involvement
  • API designed for custom CRA user interfaces (UI) and ATS integrations
  • New webhook events (order, client, user)
  • Improved FCRA compliance (user certification)