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TazWorks Integrates With 100 Applicant Tracking Systems

SALT LAKE CITY—TazWorks LLC, the front-runner in background screening software, reached a milestone by completing 100 integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
These integrations enable background screening agencies to combine the power of TazWorks InstaScreen™ with the convenient and streamlined hiring process that tracking systems offer to employers and landlords. Integration improves turnaround, lowers costs, increases data security, and reduces human error, allowing for a healthier bottom line.
“TazWorks’ ongoing integration accomplishments have been integral to Peopletrail’s success as we strive to bring additional layers of confidence and security to each of our valued clients,” said TazWorks client Bryan Jensen, Chief Operating Officer of Peopletrail. “Considering our recent and successful integration with Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service, it is clear that TazWorks makes our high-tech data exchanges possible and opens doors to new customers.”
Roi Stone, TazWorks’ Vice President of Business Development, said that future integrations are in the works with a goal to continue adding more.
“Our expanding ATS footprint is one of the reasons so many screening companies are gravitating to TazWorks,” Stone said. “TazWorks is the place to be for background screening agencies that need this functionality.”
TazWorks client and Data Facts Systems Administrator, Damon Pike, has found great success in working with TazWorks to secure ATS partnerships.
“A large part of what TazWorks does for Data Facts is assist us in moving forward with technology advancements in the ATS arena,” Pike said. “One time, I asked a platform what ATS offerings they carried and their reply was ‘Which one do you want?’ One? Really? I want to offer my clients ALL of them, not just one. TazWorks isn’t just a vendor, they’re my partner, and I know that when our sales team knocks on a customer’s door, we can confidently say ‘Yes’ when that decision maker asks if we are integrated with their ATS.”
Contact TazWorks to learn more about ATS integrations and how the InstaScreen™ platform will benefit your screening agency.
TazWorks is a simple and intuitive enterprise-grade system that offers a variety of background screening with the following services: employment screening, student/intern screening, substance abuse testing, individual screening, tenant screening, and business due diligence, volunteer screening, and Form I9 Compliance. Instascreen™ background check software is reliable, secure, and user-friendly so that clients receive accurate data quickly in a format that’s easy to understand. Learn more about TazWorks by visiting the TazWorks website.

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