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About TazWorks (Video)

Video Transcript “We live in a world of incredible connectedness and diversity, Where people with extraordinary skills, well-developed talents, and Inspiring expertise, from all walks

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The Year of Investing Follow Up

In a previous post, I outlined how 2015 was TazWorks’ “Year of Investing” and how it would pay dividends to our users in the future (see my previous blog for more details). Although the pattern is that development takes longer than I predict, I am thrilled to confirm that this bold and disruptive initiative has demonstrated quantifiable results for our clients.

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Geek Speak: TazWorks' Technology Investments

This post was written by David Tanner of the TazWorks development team to summarize his “Geek Speak” presentation at the 2016 TazWorks User Group.
Keeping up with the growth of our consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) is comparable to changing the oil in a car while driving full speed on the freeway. In order to stay ahead of this growth, an incredible amount of time and effort has been invested into overhauling the InstaScreen platform and development practices. We have worked on many different areas, but I will focus on just a few below.

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TazWorks Introduces the 'Report Data Server'

New Management reports will now run on our recently released Report Data Server (RDS) – a separate replicated database server – speeding up performance of InstaScreen™. The RDS has been optimized for management reports to run quickly and efficiently. We have also simplified the RDS database naming conventions and table structure for easier customization.

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