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8 ways to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and drive profitability

8 ways to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and drive profitability

TazWorks Software™ provides many exciting features that help customers increase productivity and revenue, while maintaining a high level of accuracy in reporting. Most users are familiar with the more commonly used features, such as QuickApp, Vendor Integrations, and Drug Testing. However, there are other exciting features and functionalities—that are not as widely used—which could provide huge benefits to your financial institution. We’ve compiled a list of eight features you could start taking advantage of, starting today. Be sure to talk with your account manager about potential associated charges.

1. Consent Identity Verification (CIV)

What is it? Consent Identity Verification provides added security for the QuickApp. When the applicant fills out the questionnaire, CIV verifies their identity by asking 4 specific questions based on database information associated with their SSN. Examples of these questions are “How old is [Relative Name]” or “What year did you live at [Previous Address].”

Reasons to use: CIV can be used to make sure the person filling out the QuickApp is who they claim to be. Another benefit is that you can charge for each attempt made to fill out the CIV, successful or unsuccessful. Because of this charging option, it is a great way to increase revenue.

Read more about CIV and how to configure it here.

2. TazHelp Widget

What is it? The TazHelp Widget is a black and blue “I Need Help!” tab that comes out of the side of the page when you are logged in to TazWorks. When clicked, it gives you access to a list of walk-throughs you can use to get instructions on how to do things in the software. You can also pay to have certain walk-throughs enabled for your clients.

Reasons to use: The TazHelp Widget is great for training new employees, or if you forgot how to do something, or you’d like to learn about setting up a new feature (like the ones on this list!). It gives you a step-by-step guide that is easy to follow. If you choose to use the client-facing function, it can help your onboarding process, too! You decide exactly which walkthroughs your clients have access to.

Read more about TazHelp and how to use it here.

3. Recurring Searches

What is it? Recurring Searches allows you to rerun searches through your vendor after a timeframe of your choosing.

Reasons to use: Many clients require that searches be rerun regularly in order to ensure a safe working environment. This feature allows you and your clients an easy way to track searches that are set to be rerun, and you can cancel them or order them early at any time.

Read more about Recurring Searches and how those configure it here.

4. Workload Manager

What is it? Workload Manager allows you to automatically assign searches to users based on the type of search. If you don’t use the auto-assign feature, you can also use it to work through the searches in your queue sequentially, or to look at the queues of your employees to see what their workload is at any given point, including what searches they’ve recently completed.

Reasons to use: Workload is a great way to evenly distribute searches among your employees. This way you don’t have to manually assign each employee their searches. It also makes it very easy for each employee to process their searches, as they can complete searches one after another without having to go to different places in the system.

Read more about Workload Management and how to configure it here.

5. Trade House Data Templates

What is it? Trade House Data Templates allow you to set up automatic filtering of records for searches going through Trade House Data.

Reasons to use: Using these filters makes it much easier to process searches from Trade House Data, as it filters out information you don’t want to return. For example, if your organization does not return results without a date of birth, you can set the template to filter those results out, which saves you time.

Read more about Trade House Data Templates and how to configure them here.

6. Advanced QuickApp

What is it? Advanced QuickApp is an expansion on the well-known QuickApp feature, allowing much more customization over what is included in the basic version of QuickApp.

Reasons to use: The Legacy QuickApp has a set list of disclosures and questions available. However, Advanced QuickApp provides the ability to customize each disclosure, in the order they are displayed in. It also includes an option for a custom questionnaire, and you can have applicants upload documents!

Read more about Advanced QuickApp and how to configure it here.

7. Disclosure Automation

What is it? Disclosure Automation allows you to automatically queue up certain disclosures, such as the 613a, Consumer Copy, and Pre-Adverse Action letters.

Reasons to use: Disclosures can be a litigious area within the screening industry. Human error will always exist at any company, regardless of how well employees are trained. The ability to automate the sending of certain disclosures saves time and removes those pesky human errors out of the equation.

Read more about Disclosure Automation and how to configure it here.

8. Overdue Reminders for Vendors

What is it? A way to send reminders to your vendors if they have overdue searches.

Reasons to use: Sometimes things just fall through the cracks. Sending overdue reminders to vendors for searches that go past a certain amount of time is a great way to make sure your searches are all being completed and making it back to your client in a timely fashion.

Read more about Overdue Reminders for Vendors and how to configure those here.

Each of these features allows the opportunity to provide better service to your customers while improving proficiency and accuracy in reporting. If you have questions or would like to learn more about how TazWorks can help transform your business, follow the link below.

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