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TazWorks™ Offers New Social Media Background Screening through Partnership With Social Intelligence

TazWorks™ Offers New Social Media Background Screening through Partnership With Social Intelligence

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Social Intelligence. This new collaboration will give TazWorks clients the ability to offer social media screening to their customers seamlessly in the TazWorks platform.

Using web and social analytics to discover actionable employment insights, social media screening can help organizations benefit from up-to-date data for employment decision-making. Further, offering a comprehensive integrated solution for a much-needed search type provides new benefits for TazWorks clients, giving them an additional search type to include in their background screening product offerings.

In addition to providing an essential background screening tool for 21st-century hiring processes, the offering enables TazWorks clients to increase their revenue and growth by adding this new, modern search component to their screening packages. US companies are working to fill more than 11 million job vacancies, according to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the need to perform comprehensive background checks that include modern capabilities of social media screening is increasingly important.

By implementing a process that combines proprietary technology and FCRA certified analysts, Social Intelligence and TazWorks provide clients with comprehensive data, but never at the expense of personal privacy. In addition, Social Intelligence offers the SI Protected Class Safety Feature™. This unique and important feature removes all protected class information before clients receive their reports so their candidates and employees can rest assured that their personal life and protected information is not used against them in an employment decision.

 To learn more about the partnership and how to use social media background screening in your TazWorks instance, check out our support articles here. If you have any questions, please contact TazWorks Support using the support portal.

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