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Keep Tenant Data Secure With Knowledge-Based Authentication Technology

How KBA works

With QuickLease Pro

With QuickLease Pro (QLP), KBA allows the landlord to work directly with the applicant’s credit report data. It verifies both the landlord’s identity and the applicant’s identity, and lets the applicant choose who to share (and subsequently choose to revoke) their credit report data with. Previously, QLP did not provide a way to work directly with credit report data from within the system.

How CreditConnect works

CreditConnect is an API that uses knowledge based authentication (KBA) technology to make it easier to connect with smaller clients in the property management space. This is useful if you want to win smaller clients (such as landlords who own the place that they rent out), because it takes away the need for an on-site inspection in order for landlords to view and handle credit report data. This new API allows you to reach and more easily work with an entirely new client base for tenant screening.
Note: All screenshot examples show how CreditConnect works within QuickLease Pro.
Step 1: CreditConnect uses KBA technology to verify a landlord is who they say they are when they request credit report data on a potential tenant from Experian.

tazworks kba credit connect user data

Step 2: The tenant applicant will verify who they are using KBA to view their own credit report.

tazworks user authentication for credit connect with checkboxes

Step 3: The tenant applicant will be able to view their own credit report provided by Experian and their background report.

view credit report menu button
A credit report showing different companies and balances each

Step 4: The tenant applicant is given the option to share that report directly with the landlord — simplifying the process.

benefits of using credit connect and a share report option

Benefits of using CreditConnect

  • More compliant — CreditConnect handles the bulk of EI3PA compliance and manages the Experian Data for you
  • Faster — takes steps out of the process allowing the landlord and applicant to work directly with each other to share credit report information
  • Reach more clients — you can access smaller clients that may have been more difficult to work with in the past because of security and compliance reasons
  • Easy to use — just a few clicks of a button and the report can be shared or revoked by the applicant at any time
  • Integrated with QuickLease Pro — If you already use QuickLease Pro, CreditConnect can easily be connected with it to start using right away!

Get started with KBA using BackgroundConnect or CreditConnect

To get started with BackgroundConnect or CreditConnect, contact TazSupport at 801-572-7401 opt 2.

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