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Keep Your Applicant's Data Secure With Knowledge-Based Authentication

theft is a growing problem, and recent data breaches have impacted millions and
millions of Americans. Technologies such as Knowledge-based Authentication
(KBA) can help combat this problem. TazWorks strives to stay on the cutting
edge of technology and security; which is why we’re excited to announce you can now add
KBA functionality into our QuickApp feature. This allows you to add additional security to verify your end users are who they say they are and keep their data secure.

What is Knowledge-based Authentication?

Knowledge based authentication is an additional security measure that is used to identify users for accurate authorization. The idea behind KBA is that by selecting questions that only the target individual would know; helping the system verify whether that user is a legitimate owner of a password-protected area or log in. KBA questions can include more factual questions such as what address a user has been associated with in the past, or what color a make of their car was, or what their favorite food or animal is. Learn more about KBA here!

How KBA works

generates questions in real-time from an individual’s public data records that match the first name, last name, and DOB provided. You aren’t able to select the security
questions that will be asked
. The questions can include things like public
records, marketing data, credit reports, or other recorded facts. An example of
a dynamic question that can be asked is what your street address was when you
were 10 years old or what color your car was that was registered to your name
in 2002. If a user does not pass by answering the questions correctly, they will not be allowed to continue and
presented with a screen with next steps that you identify for them to take.

With QuickApp

QuickApp does not currently have an authentication feature. The applications
processed through QuickApp are sent to the email provided — if this email is
entered incorrectly, there is no way to stop the application from being sent to
an individual it was not intended for. KBA will change this by helping to
verify who the applicant is before they get to the application process. If they
do not pass these questions, they won’t be allowed to continue.

How KBA benefits your business

According to the Department of Justice, over 17.6 million American’s experience some sort of identity theft at an annual cost of 15.4 billion. KBA can help your clients avoid becoming a part of this statistic. KBA is a simpler, faster, and more efficient authentication method for screening companies to use. With recent data breaches, Social Security Numbers (SSNs) as identifiers are becoming less and less valid. KBA is an additional authentication method that is easy and simple to use; it provides extra due diligence and there are no additional forms to fill out and no hassle.

How do I get started with KBA?

have two APIs you can integrate with to use KBA; one for applicant screening
purposes and one for tenant screening purposes:

  • BackgroundConnect (for TazWorks — provides applicant verification with QuickApp)

get started with BackgroundConnect contact TazSupport at
801-572-7401 opt 2.

How BackgroundConnect Works

BackgroundConnect is an API that integrates with our QuickApp feature to provide KBA. When the email is sent to the applicant to fill out the QuickApp form, they will receive randomly generated questions related to records that match their first name, last name, and DOB (NOT social security number). These questions are generated to confirm that whoever is accessing the application is who they say they are. When the applicant answers these questions and successfully verifies their identity, they will be taken to fill out the application.

Benefits of using BackgroundConnect API

  • More secure — applicants have to verify through KBA who they are before they can view or share their background report(s)
  • Easy to use — the API integrates directly into QuickApp; clients verify their identity while seamlessly going through the application process without leaving the platform.

Get started with KBA using BackgroundConnect

To get started with BackgroundConnect, contact TazSupport at
801-572-7401 opt 2.

Questions? Concerns? Let us know in the comments below!

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