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TazHelp Widget Update

TazHelp has now been available for a month and overall we have received positive feedback. We sent out a survey recently to better address a few concerns on the location of the widget and the upcoming client standard version. Effective today, based on the feedback of the survey, the widget will remain on the right side to the bottom, in a smaller size.

The client standard version of the walk throughs will be available early next week. If you are interested in having this enabled for your clients, let us know! These are the standard walk throughs and when it is enabled, it’s available to all of your clients. For any customization options, you can reach out, and those will be handled on a case by case basis. 

For any concerns, questions or to be added onto the list to have it enabled for your clients, reach out to tazhelp@tazworks.com and provide the URLs. 

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