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TazWorks and G.A. Public Record Services Unite For New Search Solution

SALT LAKE CITY — TazWorks LLC, a front-runner in online background check screening software, is collaborating with G.A. Public Record Services LLC Now Part of Thomson Reuters (GAPRS), a national public record research provider specializing in on-site county criminal and civil record searches and an approved TazWorks information provider, to offer a County Civil court record search solution to TazWorks background screening agencies.
Because an individual’s proclivity to be litigious, or because an individual may have debt issues from numerous civil judgments thereby creating a possible motive for theft or fraud, checking court records for civil suits and judgments can be an important part of any comprehensive background check.
Background screening agencies will now have an opportunity to order this type of civil court record search directly from GAPRS through the TazWorks system.
“Just like criminal searches, TazWorks clients can now also order our civil searches directly through TazWorks’ InstaScreen Software to maximize accuracy, improving overall time service, and reduce cost by eliminating unnecessary dual data entry,” said GAPRS Sr. Vice President Lyndon Wilson. “Previously, civil searches were ordered manually.”
“For many years, providing County Civil record searches has been a significant part of our overall service, and we are very excited to now be able to offer this service to our clients through the TazWorks system,” Wilson said.
“TazWorks is thrilled to join forces again with G.A. Public Record Services to deliver this new service. I have been doing business with GAPRS since the 1990s, and we share the same dedication to producing products that are highly valued by our background screening clients,” said TazWorks Founder and CEO Barton Taylor.
About G.A. Public Record Services LLC Now Part of Thomson Reuters
With over 23 years of experience in delivering accurate, comprehensive, and timely information while providing the very best customer service experience to its clients, G.A. Public Record Services (GAPRS) is a national, 100% wholesale public record information provider specializing in on-site county criminal and civil record searches. Learn more about GAPRS and all of its various research services by visiting www.gaprs.com or contact Lyndon Wilson at 651-687-8435 or lyndon.wilson@thomsonreuters.com.
About TazWorks
TazWorks is a simple and intuitive enterprise-grade system that offers a variety of background screening with the following services: employment screening, student/intern screening, substance abuse testing, individual screening, tenant screening, business due diligence, volunteer screening, and FormI9 Compliance. Instascreen™ background check software is reliable, secure, and user-friendly so that clients receive accurate data quickly in a format that’s easy to understand. Learn more about TazWorks by visiting the TazWorks website or contact us at 801-572-7401.

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