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Workload Manager Release

You now have control over work assignments and more! TazWorks is thrilled about Workload Manager and all it has to offer. You will notice that Workload is located in the top bar between Workspace and Admin once enabled. The feature allows you to configure assignments in just a few clicks! Meet your client’s needs with set agreements and preferences tailored for them. The heart of TazWorkload Manager is the Leaderboard, serving as the hub for processors and assignments. You can eliminate the manual work of assigning reports, and increase productivity, efficiency and have a consistent workflow.   

Workload Manager is only available to CRAs and your clients will not see this when they log in. By default, you will not see any changes in your day to day routine. 

To get started using this feature you will need to configure SLAs, if desired, enable permissions, configure preferences and turn on auto-assign or assign searches to Auto Assign to eliminate the manual process.   

There are three levels of permissions:   

  • Available for Assignments: Provides the user with a view of their own leaderboard information and processors are available for assignments. 
  • View Workload: Provides the user with the ability to view all users’ leaderboard 
  • Manage Workload: Provides the user the ability to view and manage all users’ preferences, availability, and auto-assign function. 

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For more in depth information refer to the Workload Manager Guide 

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