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New data provider: TransUnion Background Data Solutions

We are thrilled to announce that TransUnion has expanded their partnership with us for CRA’s. In addition to already providing credit checks for employment and tenant screening, they will now be available as a vendor for the following searches:

  • National criminal database search
  • State criminal database search
  • Sex offender registry.

TransUnion’s Background Data Solutions offers one of the world’s largest privately maintained criminal history databases designed to provide higher-quality background screening solutions for tenant and employment screening.
Searches are enhanced to include up to 20 previous addresses, aliases and more, and once a full view of an applicant is formed, BDS then leverages TransUnion’s 45-year credit-matching experience to return more correct records and fewer false positives. Results are also filtered and designed to comply with both federal and state laws governing the use of public records.
If you’re not already working with TransUnion and would like to, you can reach out to them using the contact information on our partners page.
If you’d like to make changes to which data providers you use for specific searches (or even in specific locations), your vendor routing, or set up a new provider, check out our help articles and resources related to vendor management.

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