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TazWorks integrates with white-label property management system iRent

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our network of Property Management System integrations (PMS), iRent. Through iRent, entities with multi-family homes, residential units, and office units for rent can easily customize and match their workflows for tenant screening and get available space occupied. Bringing these two platforms together addresses the unique needs of property managers by creating more efficiency and automatically enforce corporate policies such as rental charges and late fees to maximize collections and find out where the best tenants are coming from with real-time statistics.

White Label PMS

iRent’s white label property management system gives you the ability to brand the system as your own and offer this service to clients who don’t have a PMS. This lets you offer more value to existing and potential clients, increase customer commitment, and increase revenue! This allows you to help clients get started faster than many other integration options available. When pitching to customers, you can now sell an end-to-end solution to help close more deals.

Join our webinar to learn more!

Interested in learning more? You can see everything in action and ask questions in our webinar next week. Register now and ask your questions below to learn everything you need to effectively sell this integration to your clients.
Already want to get started? Contact our integrations team at integrations@tazworks.com to get set up with iRent.

Take advantage of iRent’s full white label option

Receive support and onboarding, plus…

  • Cost — priced at $1/unit/month. No charge for set up, no long-term contracts, and no charges for training.
  • Ease of use — iRent is easy to use and can be fully customized to suit your needs.
  • Automation — improve your collections rate with automated billing for rent and late fees.

Getting started with an iRent and TazWorks integration

The time to get an integration set up between iRent and TazWorks takes about three to five weeks following the process below.
Step 1: Submit your request along with your client name to TazWorks at integrations@tazworks.com.
Step 2: TazWorks initiates the process and allocates resources to the project within 1 to 2 business days.
Step 3: Updates and collaboration with you are initiated by the TazWorks team.
Step 4: TazWorks contacts iRent to finalize the configuration on their end
Step 5: TazWorks and iRent test the integration to make sure it is working properly
Step 6: The integration is activated and orders can be processed
Step 7: TazWorks follows the activation and testing process closely after the integration is live to ensure success.

Understanding and selling integration solutions

Basics of User Integrations
Selling integrations: The Why
Unsolicited post-back solutions
SSO as a client opportunity

Sign up for our webinar with iRent now to see this integration in action, and submit your questions in the comments below!

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