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Experiencing site slowness? Check out our troubleshooting guide

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and
TazWorks works hard to keep you at the forefront. A big part of this in the
last year involved a significant upgrade to a new site layout (or UI, for user
interface), with its modern feel, industry-standard look, and higher security.
This change helps you put your best foot forward with clients and prospects, remain
competitive in the marketplace, and make sure your clients’ information stays
protected. As the internet and technology industry continue to progress,
however, this can sometimes require more computing power from the user, whether
it’s interacting with our site or another.
Recently, a few of our CRAs have reached out
regarding latency when using the TazWorks platform. So far, everyone we have
worked with has been able to resolve these issues with changes on their end to
better support modern internet website system demands, so we wanted to make
these troubleshooting steps available to everyone else as well.

that the slowness is on the TazWorks side

Despite our best efforts, there may be times when our software is the source of a slowdown or
outage. To help you quickly determine the current status of our site and its
related systems, you can view our real-time system information at https://status.tazworks.com. This page
will list any significant outages, show our current and historical average site
response times under System Metrics, and even allow you to subscribe to get
alerts of active incidents.

that the slowness is on your side

If the TazWorks status page has not been updated, this may mean that the issue is related to the hardware or software you are using, and especially if the slowness:

  • Doesn’t affect all
    employees to the same degree
  • Occurs only in one
    location (at work vs at home, for example)
  • Changes based on
    your internet connection (ethernet vs wireless, or connecting to different
    wireless networks)
  • Only happens on
    specific machines (one computer vs another, tablet, etc.).

you can do

If you’re experiencing difficulty with
TazWorks or any other site, we’ve created a latency
troubleshooting guide to help you pinpoint and fix the problem

Questions? Feedback? Let us know in the comments below!

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