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InstaScreen Background Screening Software Feature Release 2013-01-23

Flagged Completed Email: We have added an option to the “Send Completed E-mail” client preference, which allows you to include information about the presence and/or absence of flag(s) in the body of the e-mail message once a report or search is complete. The subject of the e-mail will also include “Flag” and/or “Clear” if this option is selected, allowing the client to skim e-mails when they are short on time or if there is a high volume of reports. [Requested at TazWorks’ User Group 2012]

Hit Ratio Report: The Hit Ratio management report in Utilities has been upgraded. [Requested at TazWorks’ User Group 2012]
1. Now includes options to run a report including Eviction or Substance Abuse Detection search types. You and your clients can use this report to determine the percentage of applicants with records in your selected time period, as well as listing each jurisdiction searched.
2. Now includes a new column “Order Type” (Employment, Tenant, Volunteer, Business, Other) on the export file.
Daily Status Report: The Daily Status Report has been upgraded to include the order “Requestor” on the export file.
Manage Clients: The Client Users export file has been upgraded to include Client Status (Active or Disabled).
Override Vendor Routing: The option to “Override Vendor Routing” has been extended to the following search types: County Criminal Records Search; County Civil Records Search; State Criminal Records Search; Federal Criminal Records Search; and Federal Civil Records Search. This option allows you to set up a product for one or a few clients and set a specific vendor to be used for the selected search type every time this product is ordered. This will be especially useful in assisting clients in specific states with limited coverage or to provide a specific vendor to a high-priority client.
Password Reset: To help you and your clients reset passwords the four requirements for password complexity are now represented with a corresponding red X that turns into a green check mark when the criteria is met as the user is typing. [Requested at TazWorks’ User Group 2012]
Usability: The vendor credentials when setting up with Formi9 are now entered under Manage Interface Settings in the Service Providers tab. Previously, Formi9 credentials were configured under Manage CRA; this will help save time when managing your vendors.
Saving Wanell’s Time: TazWorks and Trade House Data invoices will now be sent via e-mail, as opposed to postal mail. By default, invoices will be sent to the e-mail address in the CRA Contact Information under Manage CRA. If you have a different preferred e-mail address for invoices, please contact Support at support@tazworks.net.
Permissions: We added two new permissions. [Requested at TazWorks’ User Group 2012]
1. The two client administrative permissions “Order for Child Accounts and “Order for Other Users” have been revised to only include QuickApp when the “Order QuickApp” permission is also enabled for that user.
2. CRA users must now have the specific permission in order to manage News & Announcements in the Home tab. This permission is left on by default for new users.
Training Videos: We have added three new training videos, found under the “Help” icon: Manage Custom Searches, Tenant Scorecard, Embedded QuickApp.
Reminder: TazWorks has officially ended support for the IE 7 browser. You will still be able to log in using IE 7, but doing so may have undesirable results.
Tip: Many modern browsers have free Spell-Check solutions. If your browser does not have Spell-Check built in, you can plugin free third-party tools like http://toolbar.google.com/ to check your spelling whenever you type in web forms.

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