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InstaScreen Background Screening Software Feature Release 2013-10-24

Usability Initiative: As presented at the TazWorks User Group Meeting, we have hired a usability expert and implemented several new technologies in an effort to make InstaScreen™ more consistently compatible with popular browsers, friendlier to mobile devices, more visually appealing, and easier to use. We formed a usability review panel at the User Group Meeting to provide feedback on our efforts. Please contact support if you would like to participate.
Ordering Workflow: A usability change you and your clients with child accounts may notice with the next release is that a list of clients will no longer appear when clicking “Order” or “New Order”. Similar to what you currently see in the management tables under the Admin tab, you will need to use the search box (now on the right-hand side) to find the specific client you wish to order for. Your clients with child accounts will need to hit the “GO” button to see their account and sub-accounts.
The management tables for Draft Orders, Applicant Pending, Applicant Ready, and XML Ready will also now include a search filter box, which will dynamically filter the results list as you type, narrowing down the list of results entries. These changes will help with the user experience, particularly on nontraditional devices like tablets.
Skins: Get ready to re-learn and practice those muscle memory skills all over again. Some InstaScreen menus will be changing as part of the usability initiative. Two important changes to note are the moving of the My Company menu (which includes Manage CRA and Advanced Configurations) to the bottom of the Admin options list; and that Manage Clients will be the landing page when the Admin Tab is selected. The Utilities tab has also been improved so that reports are listed before the billing options and its landing page will now be the Activity Report. These subtle adjustments to the “classic navigation” make more commonly used options more readily accessible to improve the user experience, as well as streamlining some of the backend requirements with the new 3.0 skins.
Farewell Internet Explorer 7, We Hardly Knew Ye: As part of our usability initiative, we have found that the development time and effort required to support the quirks of Internet Explorer 7 are no longer justifiable. We have addressed those issues we have identified with the forthcoming release, but will no longer support IE7 in future releases. We strongly encourage you and your clients who are still using IE7 to upgrade to the latest browser supported by your operating system. From a security, performance, and user experience perspective you will be glad you did.
FormI9 Compliance: Updated federal regulations require that an audit trail containing the “identity” of a user creating, completing, altering and/or updating an electronic Form I-9 must be stored. In order to satisfy the new requirements InstaScreen will be sending the logged-in user’s first name and last initial as part of the XML request to FormI9.
QuickApp™ Volunteer Disclosures: We are pre-announcing a reboot of the default InstaScreen™ QuickApp™ “volunteer” disclosures, using the existing, and recently updated, employment disclosures as a starting point. Please see the link below for the proposed changes. Note that these modifications will not impact any customized disclosure sets. We suggest you, your attorney, and your clients review the modifications to ensure they are acceptable. Contact TazWorks support to opt out of the changes, otherwise the InstaScreen defaults will change as noted late Thursday night, 25 October.

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