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InstaScreen Feature "Post-Release" Notes

Calendar: There is a new date-picking calendar feature for the dialogues that require a date or date range to be selected. For example, this feature is applicable while selecting a date range when running management reports.
Drug Screening: We have added an interface to Quest Diagnostics. This interface rounds out our list of integrations to all the substantial drug testing laboratories in the industry. This new integration will allow drug screen results to be delivered directly from Quest Diagnostics to TazWorks’ InstaScreen™ background check and drug screening platform affording your background check company greater operational efficiency. Click here for more information about this integration.
Ok ok… You caught us hogging all of the treats to ourselves.
Report Decision Tool: We have made a number of automation enhancements and compliance upgrades that impact the Report Decision Tool. You can find a training video under the “Help” menu with step-by-step instructions on how to configure and use these new background check features. You have immediate access to each of these features. Ready, set… go!

  • The highlight of this release is the automation of the Pre-adverse and Adverse Action letters. These disclosure letters can be automatically queued to print when “Pre-adverse” and “Declined” are selected as the report decisions. There are now configurable options to control who has the responsibility for mailing the disclosures with separate print queues for your background screening agency and employer clients. In addition, background screening agencies can elect to charge the client a mailing fee when mailing disclosures. Client users must have the “Allow User To Process” permission in order to set the parameters for disclosure printing.
  • We have replaced the option to “select up to ten disclosures at a time” for printing with a “Check All” box in the Disclosure Queue.
  • You now have the ability to do a side-by-side comparison of the employer’s hiring requirements and the applicant’s background check from the results screen. Each employer’s Adjudication Matrix can be added to the report decision tool in client configuration.
  • The applicant results screen now includes a “Client Notes” section just below the report decision section. This is beneficial for employers wanting to add notes to track the reason a decision was made or other information relevant to the application.
  • We have added a new option to send an email of your choice when report decisions are set. This can go to the requester or a designated email.

New THDP Person Search: Our clients have been struggling with accessibility, quality, and price with a number of person search providers. So we tasked Trade House Data to help us solve the problem and provide a solution. We have been collaborating and refining this new source for months with a number of background check companies making it one of the most thoroughly tested new products we have ever released. Early adopter testing reports that this SSN Trace is at least on par, and in most cases, far superior to other industry offerings. Contact our support team to switch to a better quality and a better priced person search source today.
SSN Errors: We have fixed the error that occasionally indicated a SSN was required to complete InstaCriminal and Global Homeland Security searches on common names.

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