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eScreen update: Some services discontinued

eScreen has informed us that they are no longer providing some of their older services and asked us to remove the following options from our system:

  • Instacheck
  • Instacheck 7
  • Instacheck 10
  • mCup 5
  • mCheck 5
  • eScreen Mini Test
  • mCup 9
  • EZ split 10

If you will be affected by this change, you should have also already received an email with this information earlier this week. If you did not receive an email, that means you do not currently use any of these services in your products and will thus not be impacted.
If you use one or more of these services:
We will be removing these options from our software effective Monday, Jan. 29th. However, eScreen has already discontinued their support, so the searches will still not be processed correctly by eScreen until you make updates to these products.
Once these options are removed from TazWorks, your clients will still be able to place orders as normal, whether they contain one of these services or not. However, once placed, the search will be converted to Manual processing and will appear with a “New” status in your Search Summary or Pending Searches view so that you can decide what needs to happen with it.
If you have any questions on available eScreen services or why this change was made, please contact your eScreen representative or mike.jeffries@alere.com.

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