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ClearForce, Inc.

ClearForce provides end user technology that is essential to building a significant new continuous monitoring line of business.

Continuous monitoring requires a comprehensive solution that goes beyond simple data alerts. Some key considerations include:

Continuous monitoring requires a new business process and policy for organizational stakeholders that includes HR, Legal and Security

Employers fear that actioning continuous monitoring reports in a manual, decentralized and subjective manner will increase compliance and litigation risk; they need technology to establish legal guardrails

ClearForce technology closes potential FCRA regulatory gaps between a CRA and an employer, protects employee privacy with eliminates bias and disparate impact with anonymity, automated checks and balances, and full audit capabilities

Criminal, social media, financial stress, and internal incident monitoring can each deliver incremental value for employers looking to provide employee safety and assurance

ClearForce technology delivers the end user functionality required for the consistent and compliant application of policy for ALL continuous monitoring solutions and a true “mission critical solution”. 

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