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CRA phone number replacing client phone number on drug screening passports starting today

Quick Summary

When you or your clients place a substance abuse detection search via one of our integrated partners such as Quest or Labcorp, currently, this passport includes the phone number of the client as a contact. Based on the feedback and requests of many of our CRAs, this phone number has changed to include the CRA report contact number rather than the client’s number, so that if the applicant has any issues with the collection, they are contacting the right people. No other changes will be visible in the passport (see screenshot below for highlighted phone number that has switched from client to applicant).

Implementation Guide

What’s happening to all the phone numbers?

  • CRA phone number: Currently, no CRA contact information appears in the drug screening passport. We will now be adding the CRA phone number in place of the client phone number.
  • Client phone number: This is the phone number that currently appears in the drug screening passport. The client phone number will no longer appear anywhere on the passport, and will instead be replaced by the CRA phone number.
  • Collection site information: The phone number for the collection site will also be available in the second half of the passport, along with the address and any other information that is normally included. This part will not be changed in any way.

Which CRA phone number will be included?

If you go to Admin >> Manage CRA >> General >> scroll to Report Contact Information, the first phone number, the Report Phone, will be included in the report. The information in this section is the same contact information that is included on all consumer reports, disclosures, and request letters. You may have a specific phone number entered there for applicant support, or you can check the box to use the same information as the general CRA Contact Phone information in the section above.

If you do not have any information filled out here and do not have the box checked to use the regular CRA contact phone number, then the phone number line will not appear in the passport.

What about other drug screening providers?

Passports that are provided through eScreen or i3screen are not generated through TazWorks, so they will not be affected. If you would like changes made to those passports, you will need to contact the substance abuse detection provider directly.

Have questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments below! 

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