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Convergence now available for testing for National Criminal Database Alias searches

Convergence is in its final stages of testing as a vendor for National Criminal Database Alias (NCA) searches. If you would like to help us test out this new option, you can contact our integrations team at integrations@tazworks.com and they can set you up as a test user.

Why run an NCA search?

The National Criminal Database Alias Search combines a social security number (SSN) trace and a database search. It takes all the names found in your provider’s SSN trace and then checks them for matches in their nationwide criminal database. The search results they provide can help you uncover additional activity that may have been missed in jurisdictions outside of the candidate’s residence history or that occurred under a different name. You can see a list of the other data providers who provide this search type here.

More from Convergence

Once you’re set up to use Convergence, if desired, they can also run the following types of searches for you:

  • County Civil Records Search
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • State Criminal Court Search.

Setting Convergence up as a vendor for NCA searches

Step 1: Since this is in testing, you will need to contact our support team to activate Convergence as a vendor for this search type, even if you already use them for other search types. If you already use Convergence as a vendor for other searches, skip to step 4.
Step 2: Contact Convergence to get your username, password, and account number.
Step 3: Enter in your Convergence Research account information under Admin >> Manage Interface Settings >> Data Providers tab.

nca search box with convergence research information field

Step 4: Next, go to Admin >> Manage Vendors >> select vendor >> Vendor Configuration page >> Products tab.
Step 5: Scroll down to the National Criminal Database Alias Search and check the box next to it to allow Convergence to run this search type.
Step 6: Click Preferences next to the National Criminal Database Alias Search to edit your preferences and any specific instructions for Convergence.

tazworks software products tab with options for cra instructions and website, directory, or document

Now, when you go to manage your products under Admin >> Manage Products >> select product when you select National Criminal Database Alias Search you can choose in the drop down next to Vendor Routing to always use Convergence.

tazworks software national criminal database search pricing and final submission options
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