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New ways to run driver record searches: Compass and CDLIS

  • Instant Driving Records: Gather all records related to an individual’s personal driver license history.
  • Commercial Drivers License Information System Records (CDLIS): Gather all records related to an individual’s commercial driver license history.

Previously, if you wanted to run either of these searches, they were done through one of our great vendors, Samba Safety. About a year ago, we integrated with Compass to give you more options for the first search, and today, we’re announcing even more flexibility in the way you search for driver records.
Compass CDLIS searches are here
Compass has been a part of the TazWorks Instascreen network of vendors for the last year, providing searches for personal driver record information. We have worked with them to now make it possible for you to run CDLIS searches through Instascreen as well using Compass.
If you already have a vendor account with Compass, this new functionality will automatically be available to you as an option. When you are setting up or editing your product offerings, either vendor can be turned on simply by checking the box under the CDLIS option.
If you do not already have a Compass account, you can learn more about them on our Partners page. And of course, if you prefer to keep using Samba Safety (formerly ADR in our system), you are more than welcome to! Our goal is to provide you with the most options possible to be able to run your background checks the way you want to.

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