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If you see background screening technology as a valuable investment you have come to the right place.

The Solution!
We manage the software project for you, so you can focus on doing your best at running your background screening operation. We meticulously chose the very best development technologies and tools, hired top talent, implemented proven software development methods with patient persistence, and we continue to stay focused on developing the most Simple. Powerful.™ background check software in the industry. Successful background screening agencies know what’s best for them, and a software dedicated to their success is exactly what they’re looking for. TazWorks’ InstaScreen™ is just that, offering a single platform with the ability to manage employment, tenant, volunteer, and drug screening, along with so much more.
Why choose InstaScreen™ background check SaaS?
TazWorks InstaScreen™ delivers Simple. Powerful.™ background screening Software-as-a-Service right to your browser. Efficient, intuitive, and full-featured screening tools such as QuickApp, Tenant Scorecard™, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) interfaces, combined with outstanding service and support, make TazWorks the easy choice. “Collaboration is the power behind the screening tools and features we develop into our background check platform. We make sure our clients are connected at all times. Our clients are constantly telling us how much they appreciate being a part of the feature development process,” says Barton Taylor, TazWorks Founder. InstaScreen™ is faster, more reliable, and more secure. The enterprise grade application architecture ensures that your screening data is safe and accessible 24/7. Furthermore, InstaScreen™ background check software is audited and certified by an independent third-party, including quarterly external risk assessment scans, application penetration testing, and annual onsite inspections. Rest assured that your background check data is secure.
There are a lot of proprietary reasons why our background check Software-as-a-Service is recognized as the leader in the background screening industry and it can all be summarized as, “We do not take short cuts.”
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