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Seamless Integration of Background Checks and Substance Abuse Testing

The eScreen/TazWorks automated solution provides electronic tools to simplify your customers’ program management. Our online system is power-packed with every tool your customers will need to hire and maintain a drug-free workforce. TazWorks’ InstaScreen™ platform has incorporated eScreen functionality into the background screening workflow, offering your clients a seamless, one-stop solution. Clients now benefit from a truly paperless process that eliminates the hassle of accessing multiple systems. Drug test results are conveniently displayed alongside the background check in a single, applicant file. As the country’s largest third-party drug screening administrator, eScreen delivers electronic visibility to all steps in the donor/employee/applicant screening process. The upgraded TazWorks interface allows users to view and manage each of these steps from within a familiar, custom environment. No matter what types of services your customers need, eScreen and TazWorks can deliver it all:

  • DOT regulated testing
  • Random drug testing
  • Breath alcohol testing
  • Digital urine drug screens with 15-minute negative results

Thousands of eScreen Occupational Health Network provider locations in the United States Canada and Mexico, allow your customers to schedule and coordinate screening events at multiple nationwide service sites. Most services are primarily performed using online paperless chain of custody forms and other documents.

Problem solved!

Our paperless registration process keeps your customers in control of the event details, allows them to select the collection site, and creates visibility for the hiring manager at each step in the event process. Or allow applicants to self-register, which not only eliminates work for your customers, but makes the applicant responsible for selecting the collection site that works best for him or her. Whichever pre-registration method is used, we provide real-time information for all the events your customers want to track. Eliminate phone calls, faxes and the information “black holes” that occur with traditional paper form processes.

Want to learn more?

Phone: 801-572-7401 Email: sales@www.tazworks.com Visit: www.tazworks.com

Our Program Interface Makes the Difference
Your customers experience a single sign-on to the TazWorks software platform and then simply click to enter the registration screens for drug testing. A pre-registration process allows the hiring manager to schedule the testing event with these steps:1. Select collection site2. Establish all details of the testing event3. Set the expiration window and then fax, email and/or text the donor with instructions and directions to the collection site.

Would Your Clients Prefer a ‘Do-it-Yourself’ Process?

Our “self-registration” option allows the donor to select and confirm a collection site at their convenience.


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