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Accurate Source

AccurateSource.Com Inc., in Orange County, California and in Canada is a growing wholesale public records research & retrieval firm which provides sensitive background data of individuals to the public and private sector. For many years corporations and professional businesses have relied on us to accurately assist them with access to critical data. Our promise is to efficiently and immediately serve our clients with the highest level of quality, service, integrity and price.

Our main services include criminal history searches; which details all prior and current criminal convictions. Civil history searches, statewide tax lien information, upper and lower litigation filings, certified document retrieval services. All services are “Hands On” inclusive. Each service request is directly dispatched to our expert staff of court and other agency specialists. Our corporation reaches throughout the entire state of California and Canada to provide you with access to the information you need.

We are focused on customizing solutions and products to meet your specific needs. AccurateSource.Com has advanced technology and superior information management systems which bring you current, ‘Accurate’ information fast and easy. Our experience and expertise has earned us the reputation as the premier leader within the industry.