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PrintScan’s strategic partnerships nationwide have helped us build a strong and abundant network of live scan fingerprint service locations. The values of PrintScan are centered around customer service and providing the best possible experience for all clients and partners. Becoming a PrintScan partner can help expand your business and provide significant supplemental revenue through the offering of fingerprint-based background checks. Live scan software capabilities include FBI Channeling, FINRA Channeling, Florida live scan services, and fingerprint card printing. Contact us to see how you can grow with PrintScan!



Products & Services

Fingerprinting Services

  • Ink fingerprinting
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting
  • FBI Background Check
  • Apostille & Authentication Services
  • Florida Live Scan (FDLE)
  • FINRA Live Scan
  • Fingerprint Archiving

Live Scan Software Packages

  • FBI Channeling
  • FINRA Channeling
  • FDLE Channeling
  • Fingerprint Card Printing
  • Firearms Dealers (ATF Forms Completion)
  • SWFT Fingerprint File Exporting

Industry Focus

Employment, Volunteer, Government

Product name

Live Scan Fingerprinting Services, Software, and Hardware

Service Category

Screening Tools

COntact Information

Kristen Gerakaris
Vice President

CRA Marketplace

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PrintScan Fingerprinting