Humantelligence is the only scalable culture software that drives performance in every function within a company, while also reducing turnover.

-Efficient: In-depth insights in 12 minutes

-Business Performance Tool (ROI): Improves performance in a measurable and repeatable way

-Self-Awareness vs Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”): Other tools don’t address EQ; our platform gives insights for better engagement, and explain how individuals fit into culture

Culture Management Module

-Measure Team or Divisional Culture to get insights on strengths and weaknesses of your team.

-Improve leadership and team performance while aligning to an intentional “Culture Roadmap”.

-Get key insights for improving talent management or development.

Talent Fit for Recruiting Module

-Fill positions quicker, with less subjectivity & bias using data-driven recommendations. Replicate or add a layer of diversity that complements and improves upon current culture.

-Compare candidates for best fit within team culture

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