Date Comments
2022-03-02 Added the custom Contact Code tag to Education, Employment and Residence Verifcation examples.
2019-07-01 Updated required fields
2019-06-27 Added multiple search selection functionality to XML Examples page
2019-06-11 Added response XML for status checks
2019-05-13 Updated from PDF file to web hosted documentation
2019-04-26 Added XML Examples Page
2019-04-15 Updated/clarified language throughout the document
2018-03-13 Added to Drug Searches SplitSpecimen
2017-11-03 Added ReasonForLeaving to Employment Verification
2017-10-26 Added to drug Searches TestScheduler
Healthcare Compliance Search changed from healthcare_sanctions to healthcare_compliance
Employment Verifictation Compensation changed to CompensationDollars and CompensationFrequency
2017-10-16 Updated search names to National Criminal Database Alias Search, National Criminal Database Search, National Rental Records Database Search, State Criminal Court Search, State Criminal Database Search, and State Rental Records Database Search. Added Scorecard Pro.
2017-09-21 Added drug Optional Collection Info Specification
2017-07-31 Added SCORECARD_PRO x:decision_model
2017-06-19 Added HTTP basic authentication (x:postback_basicauth)
2017-04-07 Updated Healthcare Compliance Search Screening tag and updated Overview
2017-03-31 Updated java keystore version information and added TLS 1.2 or newer requirement
2017-03-06 Clarified a single HTTP request form parameter named “request”
2017-01-12 Fixed XML for Global Security Watch List
2016-12-05 Acxiom is now available with x:return_xml_results
2016-11-29 Changed x:interface default behavior explanation. Added add option to action attribute for BackgroundSearchPackage Element.
2016-11-09 Changed Education Address from LocationSummary to PostalAddress. Removed AS1_AUTHENTICATION_SCORE from x:decision_model
2016-09-16 Updated length limitations on fields and Updated Report OrderDecision section
2016-07-13 Removed HTTP status codes for errors and responses
2016-05-09 Updated UserArea Elements
2016-02-26 Added HTTP status codes for errors and responses
2016-02-17 Added UserArea/PositionDetail Element section
2015-12-14 Added Test Case section
2015-12-11 Changed SSL to 256-bit encryption. Added information for international addresses.
2015-11-11 Added Reference to the BackgroundSearchPackage Element
2015-10-29 Added Affix to PersonName Element
2015-09-10 Added SalesTax to UserArea/CreditCardPayment Element
2015-08-26 Added x:postback_suppress_xpartial and alphabetized the AdditionalItem values Added port information to the post back url
2015-03-24 Added more info to x:decision_model.
2015-03-24 Updated searches that use x:return_xml_results.
2014-12-03 Updated information on x:postback_url and useConfigurationDefaults Removed StreetName tag
2014-10-17 Changed ResultStatus to OrderDecision in some of the examples
2014-09-17 Added OrganizationCode to the Organization Element
2014-09-15 Added more info to Drug Searches
2014-08-28 Updated LinkedApplicants info
2014-08-05 Added executive summary search
2014-07-11 Added Error Codes 143,144,145, and 146. Added x:partial to the list of statuses
2014-07-10 Removed x:application_form_html. SupportingDocumentation should be used instead
2014-06-13 Renamed OIG Medicare/Medicaid Sanction Report to Healthcare Compliance Search and renamed type oig to healthcare_sanctions
2014-04-25 Fixed some Screenings and Screening tags that were not closed properly
2014-04-10 Removed schoolType from the Education Verification XML Added x:postback_databaseset
2014-01-25 Added default of Instant to the x:interface AdditionalItem explanation
2014-01-25 Added clarification to jurisdictional based investigative searches
2014-01-22 Added additional certificate requirements to the explanation of the x:postback_url