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You can now unfreeze an applicant’s credit report

Quick Summary

If an applicant’s credit is frozen, you can now temporarily unfreeze it yourself instead of having to contact our support team to do this for you! This will help save you time and give you more control over the process.

Implementation Guide

How it works

When you run a credit report a warning error will be returned if the consumer has placed a freeze on their credit and prompt you to get an unfreeze code. This code will temporarily unfreeze the credit so you can pull the report, and the freeze is reinstated afterwards with no additional work required from you or the applicant.

With this new feature, you can unlock credit reports for:

  • Transunion
  • Equifax
  • and Experian.

We can not unfreeze Acxiom (Sterling) — you will still need to contact your vendor you use (found under your product settings) to unlock it.

The warning error returned if an applicant’s credit is frozen will state: “Credit file frozen by consumer. Please obtain the security code(s) from the consumer. The consumer will need to provide security codes for the following Credit Bureau(s): “

How to unlock a frozen credit report

First, you will need to get the unfreeze code from your client. Your client will need to reach out to the applicant to let them know to contact the bureau and get the code. Once they have that code they can provide that to you to unfreeze the credit.

Next, you will access the option to unfreeze credit on the Report Results page. Under the credit report header there is a radio button that says unfreeze credit.

Click this button and a modal will display to enter in the unlock code.

When you enter in the code and hit save, this will be processed and the status will change on the search.

Note: If it’s a tri-merge, even though you are unfreezing one or two of the bureaus, all three will get reordered and processed through.

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