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You can now create linked accounts for users who need access to multiple clients

Often as a CRA, you have multiple clients that are related to each other in a hierarchy, which is why our system allows you to set up parent/child relationships when configuring your clients. This make it possible for those higher in the chain to have access lower in the chain, such as a corporate office also having access to different branches, franchises, or locations, while allowing them to be set up as separate clients so that the other locations don’t have access to each other or the corporate office.
This functionality is able to address the majority of corporate structures that come with client configuration, but sometimes, you have confusing and complex relationships where the traditional hierarchy of parent/child relationships for clients and users doesn’t quite fit. To help you address these additional edge cases, we now offer linked accounts.
Do you have an auditor or consultant who needs access to two of the child clients, but not the others or the parent? Or maybe three completely different and unrelated clients? Now it’s easier than ever for you to manage these accounts—and especially easier for your clients and users.
Linked accounts allow you to set up one person as a user in several different client locations but then link all those different accounts together, so they can log in with one username and password and toggle seamlessly between their linked locations, while still enforcing the different permissions and settings individually.
To get the full details and learn more about how to set up and take advantage of this new feature, please visit Software News within InstaScreen.

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