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What's the Big Deal with Total Solutions?

We recognize human resource managers operate on fixed budgets. As a non-revenue-generating part of the business, H.R.’s needs are commonly found on the bottom of the CFO’s list for new investment. As a result, today’s H.R. professionals demand ever-increasing value from their purchasing decisions. When measurable value is added to a product or service, the prospective vendor dramatically raises its chances of landing the sale.
So what does all this mean for a background screening agency? It is clear that today’s H.R. managers expect and demand more from screening agencies than just a background check. What if you could offer significant additional value to your clients for little to no cost? What if they could replace a costly service with something you can deliver for free? What if this new service not only meets a critical business need, but also reinforces your brand and makes your core offering even more “sticky?”

TazWorks continues to deliver value to its background screening agency clients by forging new relationships with key industry partners. We are in discussions with a popular ATS to empower our screening agency partners to offer a branded, feature-rich ATS system to their prospects and clients. And of course, it will be fully integrated with InstaScreen™ Premier 2.0.
Sound good? Wait, it gets better… if employers seek expanded ATS functionality, your screening agency can deliver the Total Solution and Profit from new revenue streams with a branded ATS solution! TazWorks is doing all we can to lay the framework so our clients can deliver market-leading solutions and maximize customer loyalty.
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Note: This post is by Roi Stone VP of Business Development at TazWorks. In this post, Roi offers a peek at one of the goals he has been working on.

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