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Watch our data retention settings webinar!

If you missed our webinar on Friday or would just like to review what was covered, please check out the recording of our webinar and all the resources mentioned below!


What you need to do

Use this checklist for a simplified list of steps to guide you through the configuration process.
If you do NOT need to keep any client files for longer than 5 years:

  • Read this article
  • Change your archiving timeframe if you would like it to be shorter than the 60-day default.

That’s it!
If you DO want to keep files for any of your clients longer than 5 years:

If you do nothing, when phase 2 rolls out:

  • Reports will automatically be archived (locked from further editing) 60 days after their expiration date
  • You and your clients will still be able to access all your data within the TazWorks system as normal
  • We will not create PDFs or export any client’s report files to the external server.

Additional resourcces

For more information how to configure your settings and what they mean, as well as what will happen in subsequent phases, see the links below:

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