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Updates from our User Interface team!

What does our UI team do?

User interface (UI) design is the design of user interfaces for the front-end of software, such as the look of the platform. The UI team focuses on ease of use for the user. A well-designed user interface creates a positive user experience that the designer intended and a user experience that the user appreciates. Design is typically focused on usability and efficiency. Our UI team focuses on creating a positive user experience with enhanced usability and security features. They work hard to create a product that is consistent and implemented across the board with consistent style and workflows.

Increase security by moving from Velocity (Java) to React (JavaScript)

Our UI team has been hard at work moving our front-end system from Velocity (Java) to React (JavaScript). The reason we are making this change is for increased security. React is updated regularly, and we are on the version of the React that went out last month — this helps us stay up to date on the latest technology. React is a responsive, mobile-friendly, and fast JavaScript framework that can render millions of elements to a page within microseconds. We no longer have a lapse in time when moving from page to page within TazWorks software because of this new framework. This makes navigating around InstaScreen almost instantaneous. Everything is cached on the front-end of the system allowing for no data usage, which will help with slow internet speeds.

Working towards customizability

Our UI team built the framework so that all of the new pages in InstaScreen are at some point going to allow users to be able to drag-and-drop to customize their platform. Users will eventually be able to drag-and-drop anything they want onto any page; creating a completely customizable, branded experience for their clients. Everything will be standardized with the new reactive code.

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