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Trade House person search enhancement

Quick Summary

Our preferred pointer data partner, Trade House, continues to improve the quality of your experience with new options for person search including the ability to submit new identity combinations with and without a social security number (SSN).  


Previously, a SSN was always required, but now you can choose for yourself what is submitted to Trade House Data to dial in the best possible results given the conditions.  To learn more about Trade House Data, contact your account manager.

Note: This feature requires the new version of the person search and not the old version of displaying the address information.  

Implementation Guide

Setting up a non-SSN person search product

Step 1: Go to Admin >> Manage Products >> add or select an existing product with the Person Search 

Step 2: Go down to the Person Search on the product configuration page and select Trade House Data as the vendor and select the search setting option to either: DEF, REQ, OPT or HID.

Step 3: Check the options you want Trade House Data to follow. The default is to send SSN Only. 

Step 4Assign this product to your client

Step 5: Create an order using this feature.

Questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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