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Timed reset added for failed login attempts

We’ve added a time delay feature to failed login attempts. Instead of users getting permanently locked out of their account after multiple failed login attempts, they will now be able to try again after 30 minutes. This will be able to significantly reduce the number of calls and requests you get from users, as well as your need to contact support. This new functionality is the same for CRA or client users.
While a user is locked out of their account, they can still access the Reset Password option, so that if they just forgot it, they can take actions to change it and regain access to their account immediately.
After the 30 minutes is over, they will be able to attempt again, but they will still be indefinitely locked out if they continue to have failed login attempts, as outlined below:

  • 4 failed login attempts = 30 minute delay
  • Another 4 failed login attempts = another 30 minute delay
  • Another 4 failed login attempts = locked out of your account until further notice
  • Contact support to get account unlocked.
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