Quick Summary

We’re excited to announce you can now send disclosures and forms via QuickView for tenant screening! With this update, you can send your tenant disclosures and forms directly to the applicant with email instead of having to fax or mail them, saving you time. You can email the following disclosure types:

  • Adverse Action Tenant Conditional Offer
  • Adverse Action Tenant Denial Nonspecific
  • and Tenant Denial with Reasons.

Implementation Guide

Sending tenant disclosures through QuickView

To send tenant disclosures through QuickView, your product order entry type must be set to tenant for the tenant specific disclosures to appear in the report results page. You set this under Admin >> Manage Products >> select an existing or create a new tenant specific product.

Next, once you’ve ordered your tenant search you’ll end up on the report results page.

Under disclosures and forms, click the drop down and select your tenant disclosure you configured under Admin >> Advanced Configurations >> Disclosures and Forms. For the disclosure form to display in the drop down, it will need to be to the client (this is set in the disclosure and form configuration) or set to default for tenant.

Next, select your tenant disclosure from the drop down and click Email.

A modal will display asking for the applicant’s email address to send the disclosure to. Enter this in and click send.

Questions? Concerns? Let us know in the comments below!