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Joe Olsen - COO

Joe Olsen

VP - Customer Success

As TazWorks’ Chief Operating Officer, Joe Olsen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the TazWorks leadership team. Prior to joining TazWorks, Joe worked with many Fortune 100 companies in a variety of disciplines. As an Ernst & Young alum and former SaaS-based entrepreneur himself, he brings an understanding of large-scale operational strategy, while demonstrating grit in getting the job done. Joe understands the entrepreneurial spirit of TazWorks’ founders and brings a fresh perspective to the company’s growth strategy, operational efficiency, risk management, and customer-centric focus. Outside of TazWorks, Joe can be found court-side cheering on his five children in their own athletic pursuits—all of whom hope to become as athletically accomplished as their father, an alumnus of Brigham Young University, three-time national champions men’s volleyball team.

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