TazWorks Software is a suite of powerful screening tools and applications for background screening professionals available exclusively through TazCloud. TazWorks can be integrated with your software through an open API. TazCloud is mobile enabled, delivered through a secure cloud-based network and increases flexibility and convenience.

About TazWorks Software™

TazWorks Software is the core interface and operating environment to access TazCloud’s powerful background screening software. TazWorks Software is your launch point to order and customize searches, verify applicant identities, schedule and track drug screening tests and results, manage custom candidate applications and disclosures, automate your processor workload, create reports, and much more. TazWorks Software is web-based and mobile-enabled and is integrated with the top data sources, ATS/PMS systems and drug screening providers to give you power, flexibility and convenience from a single user interface.


  • Robust Background Screening Options
  • Web-Based and Mobile-Enabled Software
  • Integrations with Top Data Sources
  • Create Flexibility and Convenience

TazWork’s powerful screening functionality is accessible through a powerful open API so that you can develop your own application interface or take advantage of ATS/PMS integrations and data partners already in place.  All of TazWorks Software and TazCloud services, are delivered through a highly secure, cloud-based network that is in compliance with security standards and certifications such as SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, FCRA and EI3PA, and more.

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