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TazWorks Teams Up with MyStaffingPro to Deliver Advanced Applicant Tracking and Recruitment Tools

SALT LAKE CITY (11, 07, 2012) – As a leader in the Background Screening software industry, TazWorks has proudly integrated their InstaScreen™ screening application with myStaffingPro. Having a full-featured applicant tracking and recruiting software system and advanced applicant screening capabilities, myStaffingPro was an easy choice of integration.
Just as TazWorks is always on the cutting edge of technology with their revolutionary Standardized XML Gateway Technology and on-going upgrades to Instascreen™ 2.0, myStaffingPro provides the same professional quality that is sure to help employers achieve their hiring goals. With three different needs-based service solutions, myStaffingPro provides professional recruiting software tools designed with the user in mind, to help them be efficient while also saving time and money.
“We are proud to have teamed up with myStaffingPro, they are the recognized leader in helping employers recruit, qualify, track, and hire the best applicants. This seamless integration with myStaffingPro will provide incredible opportunity for background check companies to reach new markets,” says Barton Taylor, founder of TazWorks LLC.
“myStaffingPro and TazWorks share the same vision for delivering exceptional HR technology. With TazWorks background checking capabilities, myStaffingPro is able to expand our screening tools, and as a result, clients are able to hire the best applicants faster,” says Bob Schulte, president of myStaffingPro.
About myStaffingPro
myStaffingPro is a comprehensive recruiting platform that offers applicant tracking, candidate recruiting, and onboarding in a scalable, configurable solution. With more than 500 clients, myStaffingPro is not limited by industry, browser, or integration requirements. Its SaaS model makes it accessible from anywhere at any time, and offers unlimited integration capabilities. The system supports businesses ranging from a small office to large enterprises.
To learn more about myStaffingPro visit http://myStaffingPro.com
About TazWorks LLC
TazWorks was founded in 2002 and has found itself a leader in the industry ever since. Their indisputable growth is attributed to the founders who are the perfect combination for success: A programming engineer with extensive experience and expertise in Internet technology, development, security and data connectivity; and an expert in the background screening industry, who understands the industry requirements and successfully founded, managed and subsequently sold a well respected consumer reporting agency. Also since its inception, it has been TazWorks’ clients who have truly made the difference. InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ is a direct result of the cooperative effort between the TazWorks team and TazWorks’ client base, resulting in a software package that takes the screening process to the highest level.
Learn more about TazWorks by visiting http://www.tazworks.com/ or call 801-572-7401.
To learn more about TazWorks’ InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ Background Check Software, contact sales at 801.572.7401 Ext 3 or contact us

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