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TazWorks background screening software now interfaces with ApplicantPro

SALT LAKE CITY – (April 11, 2012) – TazWorks LLC, a web-based background screening software company, has successfully integrated their InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ screening application with ApplicantPRO, a fast-growing industry competitor in applicant tracking systems. The integration enables qualifying Background Screening Agencies to combine the power of TazWorks InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ with the convenient and streamlined hiring process that ApplicantPRO offers. This partnership will be tremendously beneficial for Background Screening Agencies, employers, and applicants alike, as ApplicantPRO specializes in giving employers the quality and attention they deserve through an easy-to-use and cost-effective system.
TazWorks’ revolutionary Standardized Data Exchange Gateway makes it easy to integrate background checks from InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ into Third-Party Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). Integration improves turnaround, lowers costs, increases data security, and reduces human error, allowing for a healthier bottom line. “The ease of integration with our software will provide our Background Screening Agency clients with greater opportunities and sales channels to market background checks and increase sales revenue”, said Barton Taylor, founder of TazWorks.
“Our integration with TazWorks provides our clients with a complete applicant screening dashboard that will give them one system to use to manage their entire hiring process”, said Ryan Kohler, founder of ApplicantPRO. “Our dashboard can now provide everything an employer needs; from posting jobs to accepting applications, through screening applicants based on job qualifications, cognitive skills, and personality, as well as background screening. This truly becomes a powerful setup for small and mid-sized employers, especially when you consider how inexpensive and easy it is for an employer to start using it.”
“I am very excited for the sales opportunity this new interface with ApplicantPRO has created for our background screening agency clients. ApplicantPRO is a respected and very popular applicant tracking system, and I have received a lot of requests to integrate with them,” comments Barton Taylor, founder of TazWorks. “Employers utilizing the ApplicantPRO platform can now order a background check with the simple click of a button, enabling TazWorks’ background screening agencies to close more sales and build strong customer loyalty”.
About TazWorks
TazWorks was founded in 2002 to provide background screening companies with a world-class, affordable background screening application. InstaScreen is the product of years of ongoing development based on experience and input from thousands of consumers. Since its inception, InstaScreen has experienced continual, year after year growth.The TazWorks team offers decades of experience in computer programming, background screening, and customer service, but it is TazWorks’ clients who truly made the difference. InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ is a direct result of the cooperative effort between the TazWorks team and TazWorks’ client base, resulting in a software package that takes the screening process to the highest level.
Learn more about TazWorks by visiting http://www.tazworks.com/
About ApplicantPRO
JobMatch LLC, designers of ApplicantPRO, have been providing applicant screening and tracking tools to employers for over five years now, with over 1400 clients across the United States. They pride themselves in being responsive to the needs of their clients, regardless of size, and providing outstanding customer service. ApplicantPRO was designed for the sole purpose of helping employers become more effective and efficient at managing their hiring process. Their goal has always been to provide tools to employers that will help them reduce their costs and headaches while at the same time increasing the quality of their new hires.
Learn more about how ApplicantPRO can help your business grow visit: http://www.applicantpro.com/partners.htm
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Denise Kasanicky
To learn more about TazWorks’ InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ Background Check Software, contact sales at 801.572.7401 Ext 3 or contact us

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