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TazWorks Invests into ATS Relationships

More than ever before, employers are using technology to streamline their operations. The human resources department is no exception. In fact, more employers are moving away from traditional paper-driven processes and moving to all electronic methods to recruit, screen, and onboard new talent. Adoption of Applicant Tracking Systems has resulted in measurable cost savings for employers and has dramatically reduced the hiring cycle for new employees. As the top technology provider to the background screening industry, TazWorks has made significant investments in order to capitalize on this growing industry trend. TazWorks’ innovative XML background check gateway provides screening agencies

seamless access to dozens of talent and property management systems. As a market leader, TazWorks recognizes the importance of investing in relationships that create valuable business opportunities for its clients.

The Solution!

In November of 2012, TazWorks deepened its relationship with Oracle by joining the Oracle Partner Network. This provides TazWorks clients with continued access to Taleo Business Edition and opportunities to partner with Taleo Enterprise Edition users as well as PeopleSoft, Oracle’s best-in-class human capital management system.
TazWorks has also made significant investments in the tenant screening market. In order to maximize business opportunities in property management, TazWorks maintains membership in the Yardi Standard Interface Partnership Program.
Screening agencies that recognize the importance of investing in technology place their trust in TazWorks. They value a technology provider that can open doors and maximize new business opportunities through innovation.
For a complete list of integrated Applicant Tracking System partners, please contact TazWorks contact us

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