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TazWorks Integrates With Omni Data Retrieval


SALT LAKE CITY — (April 13, 2009) — TazWorks, a web-based background screening software company has teamed up with Omni Data Retrieval, a “live” criminal research provider, to deliver the most Simple. Powerful.™ screening experience in the industry.This integration will seamlessly combine the power of TazWorks InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ with the precise and detailed reporting from Omni Data Retrieval.
The challenge with most screening is getting accurate information in a timely manner at a minimal cost.The combination of TazWorks’ revolutionary Standardized Data Exchange Gateway, InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ with Omni Data Retrieval makes reports easy, accurate, and cost effective.
Easy- When prompted, InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ will automatically send a request to Omni Data Retrieval, who in return will fulfill the order and return the information to the client via InstaScreen’s Standardized Data Exchange Gateway.
Accurate- Research results are received directly from Omni Data Retrieval and populated into the correct fields so there is no risk of human error. InstaScreen is intuitive and can be set to automatically request quality control checks for hits only, or for both hits and clears. Rest assured knowing your reports are accurate and complete.
Cost Effective- With less human interaction and supervision, saving resources will help increase the bottom line.
“The background screening industry is constantly changing and the need for data transfer to become automated is stronger than ever before. Here at TazWorks, we are constantly creating ways to make background screening more efficient. Integration with Data Providers like Omni Data Retrieval give our clients the edge they need to compete and thrive in today’s economic conditions,” said Barton Taylor, President, TazWorks
“We are pleased to help create this integration with TazWorks. We believe our “live” criminal research requests will create an impressive synergy with the InstaScreen Premiere 2.0 software,” stated Scott Maloney, president of Omni Data Retrieval. According to Maloney, the scope of Omni Data Retrieval’s research network will provide more complete, in-depth research to the TazWorks client base. “With this integration our mutual clients will continue to enjoy the service and quality they’ve come to appreciate from Omni Data Retrieval.”

About TazWorks

TazWorks was founded in 2002 and is located in Draper, Utah. The founders are the perfect combination for success: A programming engineer with extensive experience and expertise in Internet technology, development, security and data connectivity; and an expert in the background screening industry, who understands the industry requirements and successfully founded, managed and subsequently sold a well respected consumer reporting agency. Today, TazWorks has expanded to meet the needs of its clients and is made up of a group of highly skilled, hand picked individuals who are dedicated to making your background screening process simple and powerful. Learn more about TazWorks by visiting http://www.tazworks.com.

About Omni Data Retrieval

Omni Data Retrieval Inc., a wholesale professional background research company, specializes in nationwide criminal background searches. Founded in 1999, Omni Data Retrieval has grown into one of the industry’s leading and most reliable networks of retrievers, covering every county in the United States. Omni Data Retrieval provides high volume criminal background checks for pre-employment background screening and tenant screening companies. Criminal research requests are supported by innovative technology, including an online client-accessible application, HR-XML compatibility, and dedicated customer service representatives. Omni Data Retrieval is your one reliable source for wholesale criminal record retrieval. To learn more, please visit www.omnidataretrieval.com or call 952-985-7220.

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