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See what's currently in development at TazWorks

We’re excited to announce you can see what is currently in development at TazWorks through our Glass House community! This is where you can see what development is currently working on and where it is prioritized in the development process:

  • Selected for Development
  • Needs Priority
  • In Progress
  • In Review
  • Closed.

We created the Glass House community so that you can anticipate how the new developments can help you grow your business. We’re constantly striving to improve our platform, and we value your input and feedback along the way.
When you go to our TazSupport community and log in with your CRA email, you can view our glass house community and select Product Roadmap. If you haven’t created an account for TazSupport yet, click here for a guide on how to get signed up and started in 5 minutes or less!

Accessing what’s in development

Step 1: To access what is currently in development, you will need to log in with your CRA email at TazSupport.com.
Step 2: On the TazSupport home page, scroll down under categories and select Glass House.

glass house icon

Step 3: On the glass house navigation page, click In Development to be taken to the in development page.

nav bar with in development selected

On the main In Development page, you can see everything that is currently in development at TazWorks and what phase of development it is in.

in development changelog

You can follow this page to be notified by email when the information here is updated by clicking the follow button at the bottom of the page.

tazworks dev release profile with the follow icon

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Stay up to date with our other announcements on new and upcoming features, industry news, release notes, integrations updates, and more in our TazSupport community!

Questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments below!

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